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"Advances in Gradient Boosting: The Power of Post-Processing"

Thank you for your interest but this webinar has passed (December 14, 2012).

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Course Outline

• Gradient Boosting and Post-Processing:
     o What is missing from Gradient Boosting?
     o Why post-processing techniques are used?
• Applications Benefiting from Post-Processing: Examples from a variety of industries.
     o Financial Services
     o Biomedical
     o Environmental
     o Manufacturing
     o Adserving
• Typical Post-Processing Steps
• Techniques:
     o Generalized Path Seeker (GPS): modern high-speed LASSO-style regularized regression.
     o Importance Sampled Learning Ensembles (ISLE): identify and reweight the most influential trees.
     o Rulefit: ISLE on “steroids.” Identify the most influential nodes and rules.
• Case Study Example:
     o Output/Results without Post-Processing
     o Output/Results with Post-Processing
     o Demo